The BOSS® Hydra-Qube is a compact, lightweight, highly efficient ALL-IN-ONE Hydraulic Conditioning System. The Hydra-Cube consists of a heat exchanger, reservoir and oil filter, packaged into a single unit that is easy to install and integrate into your work truck!

Available in 2 compact sizes! Hydro-Qube Senior (Flow Rate 1-50GPM) and Hydro-Qube Junior (Flow Rate 1-25GPM)

  • Smaller package than a traditional hydraulic reservoir
  • Uses up to 20 times less hydraulic fluid than a standard reservoir
  • Less weight
  • Cost savings on fluid replacement over traditional systems
  • 12VDC powered fan
  • In-Tank Filter
  • Easy maintenance
  • IP 67 Rated


Dimensions HQ-SR 16.0" L x 19.0" W x 19.5" H/HQ-JR 16.7" L x 15.6" W x 17.0" H
Capacity 3-5 GALLONS
Weight HQ-SR 90.5LBS/HQ-JR 69.5LBS



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