Hydraulic Driven Systems

Hydra-Drive Gear Box Drop

Hydra-Drive Gear Box Drop


The BOSSĀ® Hydra-Drive Gear Box Drop is designed to work with the FORD F-Series chassis, factory ordered with a FORD Live Drive Transmission Power Take-off Provision. The Hydra-Drive drops the pump below the forward drive shaft and offers the abiltiy to directly drive a Hydraulic Pump without the need for modifications to the transmission, keeping your valuable warranty intact!

A Drop Box Solutiion for Hydraulic Pumps.

  • PTO: Chelsea 249-series output option XP
  • Input: SAE A 2-bolt 7/8" 13-tooth spline
  • Output: SAE B 2-bolt 7/8" 13-tooth spline
  • Max Torque: 200 ft lb (Full PTO torque rating)
  • Drop: 8" Center to Center
  • Raio: 1-1
  • Pump Rotation Clockwise
  • PTO Rotation: Counterclockwise
  • PTO and Hydraulic pump supplied with kit


Dimensions5.64" W x 14.25" H
Capacity200 ft lb Max Torque
Weight28 lbs

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