Underdeck Rotary Screw




The 8060-UHBI takes up no space, frees up your tow hitch, and is cost efficent. In addition, the compressor is lightweight, having fewer parts and runs off a vehicle engine. If the truck runs, the compressor runs when activated!

The advanced design allows you the option to choose up to 185 CFM and up to 220 PSI. Generators, welders, and specifically hydraulic systems are intergrated with the 8060-UHBI kit or in-house installation.


Delivery @ 100psig*100 cfm125 cfm160 cfm185 cfm
Input Speed to Compressor Shaft (rpm)1200145018752160
Fluid Capacity (gal)4.754.754.754.75
Compressor Air-end10" W x 8" H x 15" L
Receiver Sump12" dia x 22" L
Spin-on Coalescer5.5" dia x 12" H
12V DC Remote Cooler Assembly**27" W x 16.75" H x 10.25" L
Gauge Package3.75 W x 4.25" H x 3" L
Weight (dry)425 lbs.


Input needs may vary depending on chassis application.

* 125psig and 150psig available. Consult factory.

** 24V DC is available.


Quantity of one (1) Boss Model 8060-UHBI hydraulic drive underdeck air compressor(s) to include the
following as standard equipment:

  • Boss oil flooded, rotary screw air-end designed to produce up to 185 CFM @ 110 PSIG continuously.

    Delivery @ 110 psig 80 cfm 100 cfm 125 cfm 160 cfm 185 cfm
    Flow @ 2600 psig 21.5 gpm 25.5 gpm 30 gpm 37 gpm 42 gpm
  • Side-by-side gear set incorporated into air-end to achieve conservative engine speeds and greatest ground clearance.
  • Two year, unlimited hour, warranty on the air-end.
  • Remote mount horizontal oil receiver tank with filler port, lubricant level sight glass and environmentally shielded electronic oil level sender. Exterior shell of vessel to be welded, so as to be one piece. Tank assembly to be attached to frame with easy mount "J" bolts. Tank must be ASME approved.
  • Air/oil manifold to include:
    • All electric switches (except oil level), senders, minimum pressure orifice, regulator, and compressor blowdown valve.
    • Self-contained separator element capable of 195 CFM @ 295 PSI with easy spin-on housing.
    • Replaceable spin-on compressor lubricant filter with safety bypass and 25-micron rating.
  • Hydraulic motor coupled to air-end.
  • Remote mount, self-contained, aerodynamically designed cooling package with automatic thermal sensing control to ensure proper operating temperatures. Venturi to be one-piece formed ABS plastic. Metal housing not acceptable.
  • Remote mount two-stage, dry-type air intake filter with replaceable filter and gravity evacuator.
  • Digital instrument panel to include:
    • General features - Three (3) bar graph LEDs for monitoring compressor discharge temperature, compressor system pressure and compressor oil level. Eight (8) diagnostic LED indicator lights, one (1) LED hour meter and four (4) seamless push button safety and maintenance buttons.
    • Safety features - LED compressor over temperature, high pressure, low oil shutdown indicator lights, an emergency stop button and compressor re-set button.
    • Diagnostic/ Maintenance features - Sender fault indicators to activate safety shutdown, LED mode indicating hour meter, test mode to detect faulty system wiring, filter minder LED lights for air filter, oil filter and compressor separator element replacement, check oil level push button, detailed system shutdown memory reviewer, fan LED indicator light to indicate fan operation and regulated air LED indicator light.
  • Boss interface module: Pre-wired electronic wiring to main Boss harness to simplify and minimize customer interface connections to engine transmission and PTO.
  • Color coded and size differentiated plastic control line tubing, fittings, hoses, single integrated weather-sealed wiring harness for Boss compressor system and hardware necessary for standard installation and operation.
  • Safety devices to include: minimum pressure device, compressor lube hi-temp and hi-pressure safety system, automatic blowdown device, high-pressure relief valve, and necessary warning and information decals.
  • Operation, parts and maintenance manual.
  • Installation by factory authorized and trained distributor.

* Standards & specifications subject to change without notice.