A Revolutionary Power System for the FORD® Transits! Introducing the REVOLT, a Continuous 6.0kW Stationary Power Supply for the FORD Transit!

The BOSS® REVOLT is a revolutionary design for the FORD® Transit work truck vehicles. The Revolt takes advantage of all the things you like about your Transit and now allows you to produce power in a stationary mode for you to perform the work you need to do. No batteries or engines to maintain. Simply park and engage the power switch like you would with any other PTO type of application and you're off to work!

6.0kW of AC power when you need it!.

This system includes a custom built alternator powered through a patent pending high performance invertor and then distributed through the BOSS Revolt 3-phase Power Panel. The power distribution panel consists of a 20amp/240v twist connection, a 30 amp/120v twist connection and a 20 amp 115v outlet. Other configurations available.

Simple, Effective, and Revolutionary!

Available for:

2013-2019 FORD Transit with 3.7L Ti-VCT

2020+ FORD Transit with 3.5L PFDI

2020+ FORD Transit with 3.5L ECO Boost*

* N/A with Ambulance Prep Pacakage (Dual Alternator)


NOTE: When ordering your FORD Transit, please add order code 67C from FORD to ensure proper installation.



• Takes up no cargo space

• Ease of integration and operation

• Flexible power output

• Ease of operation

• Patent pending design


• No additional batteries or engines required

• Ideal for power equipment

• BOSS offers both a rotary screw and piston air compressor options for your application.

    - E-RS11: All new 60Hz electric rotary screw air compressor produces 11CFM @ 145PSI continously.
    - E-P20: All new 60Hz electric piston air compressor produces 20CFM @ 145PSI intermittently.


• Service trucks

• Construction service

• Utility service vehicles

• Food Trucks

• Telecom/Fiberoptics

• Film-Set Vehicles incl. SNG (satellite news gathering)

• Military applications

• Promotional vehicles

• Sewer camera inspection vehicles





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