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Tier 4 Final 40kw Generator Package

Tier 4 Final 40kw Generator Package


The 40 kw generator is a frame mounted, Tier 4 Final diesel engine-driven, revolving field, alternating current (AC) generator. The generators revolving field is driven at 1800 rpm by the diesel engine.

This generator can be used for prime or stand by power and can be wired 3 phase or 1 phase at a frequency of 60 hertz. Voltage can be 120/240 1-PH or 208 to 240; and 416 to 480 volt 3-PH.


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* Optional 60 CFM available with generator de-rated to 35 kw.


Model GCRS40-40-TF4 (30017) Diesel Generator

  • Model QSF3.8 Cummins Turbo-<:harged diesel engine rated at 74HP@ 1800 RPM. 2017 Tier 4 Emission compliant
  • High Temp Coolant SD
  • Low Oil Pressure SID (Engine)
  • Low Coolant Level SID
  • Full shift polypropylene fuel tank
  • Air compressor mounted in tandem with generator set at 40cfm @ 125 Psi
  • Belt drive with adjustable tensioner
  • Compressor with Morse SC01000 Synthetic Compressor Oil rated for 1000-hour change interval
  • Air cooled oil cooler rn MIT SID and high discharge
  • Pressure SID - Spin on separator and oil filter
  • Totally endosed generator/compressor drive sections
  • 40kw generator 220v@ 134 amps
  • Three phase @ 141 amps, single phase
  • Remote mount, digital volVamp/hz panel (wiring/etc DIC rod)

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