Before you pick an air compressor, lets ask a few questions:

First, do you need constant air (i.e. jack hammers), piercing tools or intermittent air (i.e. impact wrenches), and/or drills?

If you need constant air then you need a Rotary Screw type compressor.

If you need intermittent air then you can use a Piston type compressor.

What's the difference?

Our Rotary Screw Compressor is Air-on-Demand, meaning you have immediate, constant air that can run for hours or even days.

Our Piston type compressors require a short pressure build time to fill the appropriate size air reservoir tank but is ideal for air hand-held tools.

What's next?

You need to define what CFM you need or what tools you will be using. Check out our Air Consumption Guide for common CFM applications on air tools.

And the rest is up to us!

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