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Wellhead-Electric Drive

Wellhead-Electric Drive


The BOSS Electric Driven Welhead Compressor Package can help increase production on depeleted wells and with liquid loading issues.

High Reliabilty. Big Returns.

The BOSS Roughneck Series Electric Drive Wellhead package is a self contained, electric motor driven rotary screw compressor package that is designed to target low pressure wellheads. When on-site power is available, this easy to install, small footprint package meets Class 1 Divison 2 Group D requirements and operates on 3-phase, 460 volts. Designed to run unattended, with no special foundation required, is perfect for first stage compression on Gathering Systems.

  • EPA emmisions compliant
  • Compressor is direct coupled to the prime mover
  • Skid mounted
  • Enviromental friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Smooth, quiet operation


Production Volume20 to 650 MSCFD
Suction Pressure0 to 10 PSIG
Discharge PressureUp to 220 PSIG
Gas End Warranty1 Year Limited
Engine Model3-Phase, 460v Electric Motor
Engine HP42 Continuous
Engine Idle RPM1400
Engine Full Load RPM2400
Weight2,400 lbs
Gas Connection Inlet3" FNPT
Gas Connection Discharge2" FNPT


  • Separate Engine/Compressor
  • Two-Stage Engine Air Filter
  • ASME Compressor Gas/Oil Separation Receiver tank
  • Full gauge Panel (Tachometer, Engine Coolant Temperature, Compressor Oil Temperature, Ammeter, Hourmeter, Suction and Discharge Pressure)
  • Electronic Governor
  • Inlet Gas Scrubber with High Liquid Level Shutdown
  • Shutdown Switches (Low Engine Oil Pressure, Low Engine Oil Level, High Coolant Temperature, and Compressor Discharge Temperature, Low Inlet and High Discharge Gas Pressure)
  • Manual By-pass Valve
  • 5.5 Gallon Engine Oil Make-Up System
  • Adjustable Hight Hitch
  • 12 Volt DC, Heavy Duty Maintenance Free Battery with Remote Battery Jumper Posts
  • Trailer Light Package
  • All Vessels Protected by Pressure Relief Valves
  • Gas After Cooler (10˚F Approach)
  • Engine Radiator
  • Compressor Oil Cooler
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Available Options

  • ASME Blowcase Scrubber Tank
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Shutdown Indicators
  • Special Paints
  • Low Engine Coolant Shutdown
  • Automatic Liquid Level Drain on Inlet Scrubber
  • Automatic By-Pass Valve
  • Oil Field Skid Mounted
  • High-Pressure Models Available, up to 220 PSIG

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