Vapor Recovery Gas Compressors

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Vapor Recovery Gas Compressors

The clock is ticking and our Vapor Recovery Units (VRU’s) will help you meet the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) “Quad O” regulations by the deadline of April 15th, 2015. “Quad O” pertains to storage vessels constructed, reconstructed, or modified between August 23rd, 2011 and before April 12th, 2013. You must reduce site Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to less than six tons per year. We can help you capture 100% of tank emission vapors with our VRU’s and re-sell the captured gases allowing the VRU to pay for itself! Click here for more!

There are about 500,000 crude oil storage tanks in the United States. These tanks are used to hold oil for brief periods of time in order to stabilize flow between production wells and pipeline or trucking transportation sites. In addition, the condensate liquids contained in produced gas that are captured by a mist eliminator filter/coalescer ahead of the first compressor station in transmission pipelines are often directed to a storage tank as well. During storage, light hydrocarbons dissolved in the crude oil or condensate—including methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOC), natural gas liquids (NGLs), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), and some inert gases—vaporize or "flash out" and collect in the space between the liquid and the fixed roof of the tank. As the liquid level in the tank fluctuates, these vapors are often vented to the atmosphere.

Capturing natural gas emissions from oil field stock tanks has never been this easy and financially rewarding!
By meeting all of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, you are not only capturing the illegal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), but you are also able to re-sell the captured gases allowing the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) to pay for itself!

The BOSS GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU's allow your tank batteries to comply with EPA Quad O rulings. Our VRU's are fully self-contained and engineered around our rotary screw gas compressor that is simple to install, operate, and maintain! Featuring our automated precision monitored control system with integrated blanket gas management, these VRU's are suited to accommodate the tight control needed to maintain the low pressure range of vapor recovery. Low cost. High reliability. Big returns.

  • Low Maintenance
  • High Reliability
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • Natural Gas Engine OR Electric Motor Driven
  • Very Effective for Handling Wet Gas

The BOSS VRU GasVantage Series is leading the way by delivering economical and efficient solutions while maximizing your production and preserving the environment.

To help you determine what size a VRU you need, click here to estimate the tank emissions vapors

GasVantage Tycoon

GasVantage Tycoon

HP Rating10 HP20 HP30 HP
Min. Discharge Pressure60 psig60 psig60 psig
Max. Discharge Pressure190 psig200 psig200 psig
Fluid Capacity10.5 US gal10.5 US gal10.5 US gal
Motor Efficiency91.7%90.2%93.0%