FT5 210/250 Diesel Utility Skids

FT5 210/250 Diesel Utility Skids

The BOSS Final Tier 5 Diesel Utility Skid (DUS) is the bench mark for all utility skid rotary screw compressors! Available in two performance packages. The DUS 210 (p/n 10208-001) and DUS 250 (p/n 10210-001).

The BOSS Final Tier 5 Diesel Utility Skid is based on the success of its predecessor, the iT4 DUS. This unit incorporates a proven Final Tier 5 74 HP diesel engine mated to a skid mounted air compressor. Strong, durable and now with a full digital control system - The BOSS B-CAN!

This controller allows for a full system integration featuring all the typical safety shutdowns such as: Engine High Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Pressure, High Compressor Pressure, and Compressor Discharge Temperature, all at your finger tips!

Typically, this BOSS application is mounted to the customers' vehicle for various tasks such as paint striping, vacuum systems, and air tools. It can be tied into the truck fuel system or have a separate fuel tank for operation.


Model FT4 210 DUS FT4 250 DUS
Capacity Delivery 210 CFM @ 100 PSIG 250 CFM @ 100 PSIG
Type FT5 Diesel FT5 Diesel
Make John Deere John Deere
Model 4045FT4 4045FT4
Rated Speed 2400 RPM 2400 RPM
Rated Power 74 HP (55.2 KW) 74 HP (55.2 KW)
Weight (wet) 2620 lbs (1188 kg) 2820 lbs (1279 kg)
Dimensions (WxLxH) 32" W x 84 5/8" L x 65 1/4" H* 32" W x 84 5/8" L x 65 1/4" H*


* Height over exhaust


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