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Embracing over 30 years in the Air and Gas Compressor industry, BOSS Industries development team is setting a new standard in compressor technology. The quality, design, and service of our products has paved the way to success and accolades. Plus, our innovations have given us the ability to increase efficiency, productivity, and, most of all, our willingness to stop at nothing to meet our clients’ needs.

We are Engineered Air and Gas Systems.

Trying to find the solution for a long-lived problem for the utility and maintenance truck industry, space usage, service ability, engine and transmission pinning issues. At BOSS, we developed the most effective, productive, and manageable air system that provides a safe environment to work from, one that is more reliable and less costly to operate. Using this as our corner stone, Boss Industries now manufactures more than 10 different models for many industries around the globe. From our Industry leading Underdeck PTO driven Rotary Screw Air Compressor systems to our in-house built Hydraulic Piston Compressors, BOSS Industries is truly an Engineered Air Systems provider.

And there's more. Boss Industries is a manufacturer for Natural Gas Compressors. From our Roughneck Series Wellhead Gas Compressors to our Tycoon Series Vapor Recovery Units, we are the leader in gas compression systems. Each system is designed specifically to meet your exact needs while delivering economical and efficient solutions, maximizing your production, and preserving the environment.

And It's about the people.

To us, support is about finding a solution to problems in the most effective way and getting our clients back on the jobsite. It comes down to people; we pride ourselves on staffing a well-integrated tech team that determines the specific problem areas and finds a solution to it with very little lead-time. Along with the support from our service team, BOSS provides customer education seminars on location or in-house in our training facility. This is to make sure that the client is familiar with the product and gets the most out of its service. Today BOSS accounts for more than 50% of all PTO rotary screw compressor sales.

We invite you to contact us and learn how a BOSS Air or Gas Compressor can benefit you and your company.

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