Tool Lifts

HL-300 Tool Lift (12VDC Electric/Hydraulic)

HL-300 Tool Lift (12VDC Electric/Hydraulic)


Air hammers, rock drills, and tempers can be the heaviest items at the job site. Loading and unloading them onto the vehicle is strenuous and often leads to injuries. The Boss HL-300 Tool Lift eliminates those concerns by doing the work for you. The BOSS HL-300 stows your tools safely between job sites.

The HL-300 will hold up to three air tools and will raise and lower them from vehicle to ground as needed. The unit is a self-contained, hydraulic system with built-in safety features to prevent accident and rapid movement.


Dimensions54.5" H x 19.5" W x 19.5" D
Capacity3 tool mounting with 300 lb. lift capability
Travel38" lift/drop from mounting surface
Weight325 lbs.


Quantity of one (1) Boss Model HL300 self contained hydraulic drive mechanical tool lift(s) to include the following as standard equipment:

  • Boss hydraulic power unit self-contained on mechanical lift assembly designed for lifting 300 Lbs. Capable of a 38.0-inch lift/drop from the mounting surface.
  • One-year warranty on hydraulic power unit, hydraulic cylinder and mechanical lift assembly.
  • Self-contained power unit to include: pilot operated check valves, present relief valve, 140 micron inlet strainer, 2 1/2 quart reservoir with magnetic particle collector, 40 micron breather/fill cap, 12 VDC bi-rotational motor with dual starter solenoids and built in 100 amp circuit breaker.
  • Operating parameters: Equal time on/off, 4 minutes maximum
  • Mechanical lift: 19.0 inches wide, 19.5 inches deep, and 54.50 inches tall, capable of holding three tools within the parameter of the mechanical lift assembly.
  • Three steel shanks for tool placement (state size required when placing order.)
  • Hydraulic cylinder with built in flow control to maintain safe lift speed. Pilot operated check valves will hold the lift and tools at any point in the lift movement.
  • Electrical components to include: Raise/lower switch contained in panel box, all necessary wire and wire terminals.
  • Safety devices to include: pilot operated check valves, flow control, safety power switch to stop accidental operation of lift, safety chains for individual tools, safety mechanical/electrical switch incorporated into locking lift platform device, and necessary warning and information decals.
  • Operation, parts, and maintenance manual.
  • Installed and tested by a factory authorized and trained distributor.