Abovedeck Rotary Screw

Infinity 60

Infinity 60


The Boss INFINITY 60 is a compact, strategically designed system. It integrates all major components on a single frame, which is enclosed in a tough, weather-resistant canopy.

The INFINITY 60's rotary screw design guarantees continuous output of up to 60 CFM at 150 PSI. With built-in access ports and a hinged canopy panel, virtually all components are accessible for maintenance and service.

The INFINITY 60 also has enhanced safety features offering applications designed to protect your most valuable resource- your operating crew.


Delivery @ 150 PSI (CFM)4560
Hydraulic Fluid Required @ 2900 PSI Approx. (GPM)10.914.2
Oil Fluid Sump Capacity (gal)3/4 (1 gal)3/4 (1 gal)
Electric System (VDC)1212
Dry Weight (lbs)300300